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Installing a new front door is no easy task. It takes great attention to detail and care, then you need to find the perfect door for your house. This is why it should be done by the professionals at AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. in Vaughan. The perfect front door is more than just looking good. You want it to be strong and secure and keep out all the elements that the Canadian weather throws our way.

If you’re wanting top quality entrance doors at affordable prices the team at AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. in Vaughan has you covered. Our technicians have the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism to get the job done right, on time, and on budget. Each job is a little different depending on the type of door or any damage there may be.

There are typically a few easy steps taken when replacing your entrance door. First, we take all necessary measurements to ensure the perfect fit. We then remove the existing door and its frame. Before installing the new door we do a little prep work making sure everything is level and lining up. Next, we put the new door in. After installing the new door and ensuring everything is how it should be we can add the final touches such as installing the locksets and deadbolts.

Why AMICA Windows and Doors Inc.

As you may have gathered there is a lot of work that goes into installing a good entrance door. This is why it should be left to professionals, like AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. We carry a large variety of doors and windows in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. Our team is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and highly experienced. Our price is right but if need be we also offer to finance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out our Google reviews and what our numerous satisfied customers have to say.

The weather is starting to cool down and in a Canadian winter, you definitely want to keep the cold weather outside. If you’re starting to feel the chill inside it may be time to give AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. a call. When our expert technicians install your new windows and doors you can be sure that the cold stays outside and your home stays warm and cozy.

The other advantage of keeping the outside weather out, and it may be the biggest advantage, is that you, our prized customer, save money. When that draft starts hitting you will start turning up your heat which in turn increases your energy bill. Why would you want to spend unnecessary money when you can give us a call, save your money, and use it for Christmas?

Read what our clients have to say about AMICA:

New Sliding Doors and Windows for Townhouse –

Doors onto deck opened outwards, were susceptible to allowing water in when very heavy rain and were draughty in the winter. Wanted to replace with sliding doors to deal with these issues. Also replace windows. Contacted a number of companies. Many didn’t respond. One sent a rep around who clearly couldn’t see a solution (not sure why) and never got back to us. Michael at Amica however quickly responded to my email with a phone call and actually sounded interested in doing the job. We worked with him, signed the contract and had a few months wait for the windows and doors to be made. Dennis and Al installed in July but there was an issue with one of the new windows so the job couldn’t be completed. Obviously very concerning for us since the manufacture of the windows had taken some time. But this is the test of whether a company stands behind its product and service. Michael worked with the manufacturer to sort out a new window and Dennis and Al were back within 2 weeks to finish the job with the new window. I also contacted Michael a little later to have a small portion of caulking looked at and again he had Dennis come back and sort out. Very happy with the doors & windows and the work Dennis and Al did. Michael always gets back to you whether its regarding queries or dealing with any outstanding issue with the job. Have attached pictures of original and new doors/windows.


We provide our customers with a simple, worry-free experience, backed by everything we do with one of the best warranties in the business. If you have any questions about our services or want to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call.

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