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Not all windows and doors are created equal. That is why there is AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. At AMICA we bring you quality windows and doors at affordable prices. Our expert installers deliver exceptional customer service and an installation job that will leave you speechless. AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. offers a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

The weather is starting to get cooler and you may be starting to feel that cool air inside of your home. This is an important sign that it is time to think about replacing that door. A Canadian winter is nothing to play with so you want to make sure that the inside of your home stays nice and warm during those cold months. The other reason why you want to replace those doors is that you’re losing money as your energy bill goes up because your home has to work harder to keep itself warm.

AMICA’s doors add beauty and warmth to any home. They also bring the comfort of security and are practically maintenance-free. Each AMICA door is Canadian-made, manufactured, and top quality. Our doors are also energy efficient which means money saving when it comes to your energy bills. AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. doors are a win-win for you and your pocket.

With so many options to choose from you can customize the look of every entryway into your home. You can choose from steel or fiberglass. Solid or glass. These options allow you to add your own flare and personality. If you’re unsure which door is best for you, one of our amazing sales reps would be more than happy to help you choose the perfect door for your home.

At AMICA Windows and Doors Inc., a door isn’t just a door. It’s not just some slab or panel, a door has structural elements that add to and increase the endurance of your entryway.

Anatomy of a Door

Firstly, you have the frame of the door. The frame is made up of three components, the brick mould, the sill, and the jamb. The brick mould is a trim that seals the frame to give you that beautiful finished look as well as provide an air-tight seal. The sill is the threshold, that piece you step over every time you enter into your home. Finally, the jamb is the main piece, the piece that supports and holds up that beautiful door.

Secondly, you have the panel. The panel is made up of the lock block, the core, the skin, and the stiles and rails. The lock block is a piece of wood inside of your door panel that is used for installing all the hardware. The core is the insulating material, this is the material that helps to keep out the elements. The skin refers to the part of the door that is either fiberglass or steel, whichever you have chosen. The stiles and rails are the internal make up of the door. Stiles are vertical slides and rails are top to bottom.

Next, we have the hardware. This includes the hinges, handle, and lock set. Hinges are attached to the jamb which allows your door to open and close with ease. The handle and lock set are what keep the door closed. AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. offers various styles, colors, and designs when it comes to handles and lock sets.

Then comes the weather stripping. Within the umbrella of weather stripping you have the frame weather stripping and the door sweep. The frame weather stripping is the stripping that goes around the frame of the door, whereas the door sweep is that piece of rubber that seals the door panel to the sill.

Lastly, we have lites. Lites refers to the decorative door glass. Some people prefer the solid look while others like to add decorative glass to their doors. Adding glass above the door is called a transom, glass that is built into the door frame is called doorlite, and glass that is beside the door panel is called sidelite.

If you are considering replacing the doors in your home give AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. a call today. We would love to chat with you and see how we can bring your dreams to life. In the meantime, see what our customers have to say.

Read what our clients have to say about AMICA:

Excellent From Start to Finish –

I recently needed to replace a sliding door and two windows for my elderly mother in her house. I contacted several well rated companies for quotes, but the response I received from Michael at Amica was exceptional. Michael understood exactly what I needed, provided detailed explanation of the options I could choose from and advised me to look into the current government rebates programs that could help offset the costs. The quote he provided was fair and I am so glad I chose Amica for the project. The installer, George, came to take exact measurements and it did not take too long to have the patio door and the custom size windows to be ready for install. The office kept in touch with me regarding installation process and the installation date and George and his assistant arrived to do the install exactly when scheduled. George did an excellent job installing the patio door and windows and everything was cleaned up before they left. I am generally a very picky customer, but I honestly was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of Georges work. A couple of days later I received a follow up call from the office to make sure I was happy with the final result. I have to say that the entire process starting from talking to Michael to the final install by George restored my belief that great service and pride in ones work still exists! I would definitely use Amica again and would not hesitate for a second recommending them.


We provide our customers with a simple, worry-free experience, backed by everything we do with one of the best warranties in the business. If you have any questions about our services or want to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call.

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