Window Installers Near me

Best Affordable Window Installers Near Me

Best Affordable Window Installers Near Me

Nothing adds that “WOW” factor or makes a better first impression than a new set of windows. AMICA’s high-performance, energy-efficient windows look sleek, add class and style, and if you choose to add color will have all eyes on you. Not only are our windows easy on the wallet, but because they are energy-efficient they’ll have you saving money every month on that energy bill!

AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. brings you the latest designs in windows at affordable prices. Our expert installers are licensed, experienced, professional, and friendly. They get the job done right the first time. We treat each home like our own and we ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re looking at upgrading those old worn-out windows, you need the experts at AMICA Windows and Doors Inc.

All of our windows at AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. are created to give you the functionality that you need. Our windows have been designed to break the mold, not the bank. AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. also understands that every home and homeowner is different which is why we also offer customization. Our windows fit every home and every style.

Casement Windows

AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. casement windows allow for maximum air circulation when open, all while ensuring that the cold air stays out when shut. These beautifully designed windows are hinged on the side which allows them to open and vent vertically. This also gives you an optimal view whether the window is open or closed.

Awning Windows

The beauty of awning windows is that even when it’s raining, you can open them up and let that sweet-smelling rain scent in. Awning windows have been growing in popularity and are the perfect choice if space is limited. Awning windows are also great in the summer as they allow great ventilation without letting too much of that hot summer sun in.

Slider Windows

AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. offers both single and double tilt sliders. Just like the name suggests, it easily slides from side to side making it easy to open and saves on space. These windows are perfect for larger spaces, and when fully open offer maximum ventilation. The double tilt offers a full screen whereas the single tilt offers a half screen. The screen is removable for your convenience.

Bay Windows

Adding a bay window to your home is like adding a masterpiece. Bay windows project outwards and bring together various window styles and designs. You can add a special touch to your bay window by adding a cute little seating area, perfect for relaxing all year round while you gaze out that beautiful window and sip on your cup of tea.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are bay windows on another level. Bay windows come in a group of three, while bow windows typically come in a group of five. Bow windows can either be stationary, functional, or both. Bow windows add that enchanting and elegant edge to your home.

If you are looking for highly efficient, stylish, beautifully designed, affordable windows, give AMICA Windows and Doors Inc. a call today. We are the number one choice for window installers for homeowners, architects, renovators, and builders. Our windows will add value to your home while saving you money each month on your energy bill. We offer a large assortment of windows from traditional to contemporary, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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Replaced Entire Home With New Windows and Doors –

Thank you Michael and George for your great service! Michael was very responsive and helpful and George who installed was amazing. He spent three extra hours getting two basement windows in an old house just right. We are so grateful for the attention to detail and appreciate the extra work. We would highly recommend!


We provide our customers with a simple, worry-free experience, backed by everything we do with one of the best warranties in the business. If you have any questions about our services or want to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call.

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